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Sneak Peek: Go Green Plus

6 Sep

An auto oil change business that cares about the environment? You better believe it. Accountants with an eye on the sustainability bottom line? It’s true.

Since 2007 Go Green Plus has helped more than 100 small businesses, including some you might not expect, integrate sustainable practices. Small businesses, long the workhorse of the U.S. economy, now have access to programs that not only make sense for the eco-conscious, but also make business sense. Companies that have completed the course have found their businesses more competitive, employees happier and their practices sustainable.

You can read more about Go Green Plus at their site and don’t forget to check out the list of companies who have completed the program.


Sneak peek: Seesaw Studio

1 Sep

I’m still early into this volunteer project and I feel lucky to have found Seesaw Studio this soon. Being in the creative field I have a soft spot for arts programs, especially ones encouraging kids to explore their artsy side. For the past twelve years they’ve provided the roadmap for Triangle youths to become successful, creative adults. In addition to teaching the arts, which is lacking in so many schools, they are also teaching what you can’t find in any school – entrepreneurship.

Through a (too small) staff of two and a cadre of professional volunteers, they foster and lift up students’ ambitions to send them soaring into the community with newfound skills and confidence.

Look for more about Seesaw as I dive in, including some pics and video. In the meantime check out their site and Facebook page for more about what they’re up to and how you can help.